We are a product and in-store design studio, focusing on furniture designs, equipment for shops, cafes, restaurants, offices as well as other commercial interiors. We like to design anything that can be placed between man and architecture. We may not be familiar with the latest collection of cushions from the workshop of the Ulaanbaatar designer, however, we master all traditional technologies in the field of wood, metal, glass, plastic processing and we are keenly interested in in the cutting edge technologies. This is what allows us to create the original authors design.


„A good design is achieved not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.“

     Design is often misunderstood as a synonym for aesthetics. Design means far more than a proces of making pretty looking things. It is the embodiment of your primary idea for your cafe, meeting room, table, pipe, chandelier … and as such must be able to combine both the aesthetic and the technological and material side, and last but not least the economic one must also be taken into account. Only when all these attributes are combined into a functional anthropocentric unit can we call the result of our activities a quality design that can confidently stand on the starting line of the approval and especially the production process.

"Creo, ergo sum ... I create, therefore I am"

     An analytical-rational approach is significant for our work. This is certainly not to say that our work does not have a passion or even a heart, but the design is a small brain teaser for us, in which dozens of diverse, often conflicting characteristics, needs and requirements intersect. Our task is to balance all these parameters for you and transform them into a beautiful, functional, homogeneous whole, where aesthetics is not detached from the function, where
technology does not roll the economy of production, nor does another attribute of quality design crush the other.


Lukáš Poledno
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Miroslav Dolský
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Prague, Trója