Tantum Pipes


High-end hookah. Lets combine conservatively elegant aesthetics with the best legally
available materials, many years of commercial experience with personal erudition for the
cause, technologically advanced titanium machining, craft wood working of Wenge (a
tropical synonym for moisture resistance and durability), state-of-the-art design technology, and hand-blown glass. The result can be nothing but a Tantum hookah.
Nevertheless, we are most proud (even at the cost of sinfully sinning it) of the small technical details, which you may overlook dazzled with the luster of titanium at first glance, but an experienced hookah smoker will appreciate them. Details such as the use of a silicone tendon, which also serves as a seal, thanks to a special but above all perfectly simple end piece; the use of a wooden crown lined with silicone so that we can make the most of both the inertness of the silicone and the high aesthetic and insulating properties of Wenge wood; fine indentation of the pad preventing dissipation of heat from the carbon, its extinguishing and overheating of the pipe itself. With these and many other details, the Tantum hookah ranks among the elite of its kind.

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