Real-time rendering sw

We use the most up-to-date software for creating 3D models. We create visualizations using ie. GPU realtime render engine, thanks to which we achieve a great proportion betweenquality and time (financial) efficiency. Rendered (read realistic, including lights, reflections, structures …) space is becoming a common working environment.

Virtual reality

A whole new level of presentation

Virtually led tour of the proposed interior design or detailed view of a product, 1: 1, faithful display of perspective, dimensions and materials used, possibility to make adjustments in realtime during the tour, absolutely true illusion of space.

3D Print- Rapidprototyping

Great option for creating models to verify the correctness of the design. There is a wide range of materials available, from classic plastics such as PE and PVC, through biodegradable PLA,to various specialties such as rubber, wax, etc .. The possibility of printing wax models for precision castings. This can significantly reduce the cost of prototyping and save time required for its production.